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*🕉️ RAVI भाई ऑनलाइन खाईवाल 🕉️+* * ✳️🔆 🔆✳️* 🕉️अब घर बैठे प्ले करे अपनी गेम/ 💘गेम 💘 दिल्ली बाजार ➖ *3:00PM* श्री गणेश ➖ *4:20PM* Faridabad ➖ *5:45PM* Ghizabad ➖ *8:20PM* Gali ➖ *11:00PM* Desawar ➖ *4:00AM* *पेमेंट लेने देने की सुविधा* *पेटीएम से फोन से गूगल से* 🕉️ जोड़ी रेट100 के 9500 🕉️हरूफ रेट 100 के 950 https://wa.me/918800710380** *दोस्तों दिसावर का गेम आप 4:00 a.m. तक डाल सकते हो आपका गेम और पेमेंट दोनों ठीक होना चाहिए बिना ओके किए भी आपका गेम 🆗✅

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WhatsApp Group links
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WhatsApp Group links
Crewdle Make money online

This Group is about how to make money online with Crewdle! Crewdle is a Video conferencing platform but let me tell you the best part about this site, When you sign up on the site and apply to be a partner you get paid whenever anyone signs up with your link. This tutorial on my Whatsapp group is to show you how to get approved fast as an affiliate and the training is completely free. Anyone from any country can take part in this! Can't wait to have you in the group !😊

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