Whatsapp Group Links 🫵BGMI FREE TOURNAMENTS 💯


Hello everyone, Join the below mentioned group for all the updates regarding the tournaments of BGMI. We will be hosting a tournament worth 10k INR . For the time being, you can play in daily scrims and also, we are hosting a battle in which, you can get a chance to win a royal pass. You have to join free & paid Tournament and earn instant money 💰 . 1. Free Tournaments: Winner 🏆 :- 1,2,3 :- 100Rs, 50Rs, 25Rs 2. Paid Tournaments: Winner 🏆 :- 15Rs/per kill, 12Rs/kills, 10Rs/kills much more. Dear All... Join this group and Share to all of your friends. Thank you So Much 🙏

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